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Iconic Rivers, Durnstein City

If you want to see the world, cruise down its legendary rivers. From serene landscapes to timeless villages and architectural marvels, a river cruise gives you a good vantage point to see it all from the cosy interior of your cabin.

Marvel at the landscapes and gorges along the Rhine or Danube in Europe. Watch in awe as you float by ancient temples and villages along the Ganges or Mekong in Asia. Explore the untouched along the Peruvian Amazon and the Galapagos in South America.

With so many options, we can help bring your dreams to life. This is your time to experience the world the way you want to. Flex your joy, fuel your passions, do it all or just a little – do it your way.

Your Avalon Cruise includes
First-class motorcoach
Many meals
Plenty of free time
Quality accommodation
Services of a professional Tour Director & Local Guides
Visit must-see sights


Danube River

From the gothic cathedrals of Germany to the terracotta rooftops of the Balkans, the Blue Danube touches them all. As the second-longest river in Europe, our Avalon Waterways Danube River Cruise see guests voyage across linguistic boundaries to discover the cultural richness of Central and Eastern Europe. Savour a variety of tempting tastes on-board and on shore, from decadent Austrian Sachertorte to Croatian Madjarica. Invite the view into your room as our panoramic suites let you breathe in the changing scenery of this great River. For those who want to do it all, a Danube River Cruise is a cultural melange that will take your breath away.

Seine River

Francophiles and first-timers will savour the taste of France on an Avalon River Cruise on the Seine. Beginning in picturesque Burgundy, the Seine winds through vineyard-filled valleys up towards Paris, the City of Lights. Lined by the likes of the gothic beauty of Notre Dame Cathedral, as well as contemporary architectural wonder that is La Seine Musicale, the banks of the Seine are bursting with life in this stunning city. Glide away upstream towards Normandy, where fields of orchards burst to life with fruit, flowers and colour. With medieval towns scattered along the way, Live it up with an Avalon River Cruise on the Seine.

Rhine River

A voyage through old Europe, gliding down the Rhine is like sailing through an impressionist painting. Beginning in the Swiss alps and flowing through Liechtenstein, France, Austria, Germany and the Netherlands before emptying into the North Sea, a Cruise on the Rhine with Avalon Waterways allows guests to breathe in the best of Western Europe. Find yourself in Basel, which looks to be straight out of a storybook, and let the clean, mountain air from Swiss alps energise you. Float upstream towards Germany past the Black Forest, stopping for a slice of the region’s famous cake. Savour local vintages along the way, as local languages and tastes change. With surprises around every bend, live it up with Avalon Waterways on the Rhine River.

Rhone River

Spanning the mountains of Switzerland to the Mediterranean Sea, the Rhône River allows travellers to indulge in the lesser-seen territories of French and Swiss life. Winding through purple lavender fields and lush green vineyards, an Avalon Waterways Cruise along the Rhône is a journey across a painter’s palette. With local cheese, wine and tempting tastes abundant, drink in all that Lyon, Vienne and Avignon have to offer. With panoramic suites offering you a unique vantage point, indulge in the laidback luxury of seeing historic castles and provincial villages dotted across the shoreline – all from the comfort of your bed.

Saone River

For those who dream of seeing the world less seen, an Avalon Waterways Cruise on the Saône is a taste of the French countryside. Flowing through the picturesque, vineyard-lined banks of France’s famous Burgundy wine region, the Saône flows for over 480 kilometres before meeting the Rhône at Lyon. Dotted with quaint French towns and smaller cities, a river cruise along the Saône will give you space to breathe. Whether you want to spend a few lazy hours strolling the cobblestoned streets or sipping a café au lait in a local café, do it all or do a little aboard one of our Saône River Cruises.

Moselle River

Our passion is to show you the world less seen, and for those looking to experience Europe outside of the lights of the big cities, look no further. Regarded as the peaceful little sister of the Rhine, an Avalon Waterways River Cruise along the Moselle will help you discover the countryside of France, Germany and Luxembourg. Renowned for its lush vineyards, delicious white wine and medieval castles, a voyage down the Moselle is a trip into a fairy-tale. The pink Palais du Gouverneur in Metz will delight you, and the wooden houses of wine village Bernkastel will take your breath away. Do it all or do it little, but take the space to relax and rejuvenate on a Moselle River Cruise with Avalon Waterways.

Main River

An Avalon Waterways Main River Cruise uncovers the lesser-know side of Germany. Flowing through the German states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Hesse, the Main River is lined with picturesque towns and breath-taking scenery. Lose yourself in the beauty of Bamberg, a UNESCO-heritage town, whose awe-inspiring architecture dates to the 12th century. Be delighted by the sloping hills and vineyards of Würzburg, before exploring the magnificent Bishop's Residenz. At the convergence of the Main and the Rhine, the city of Mainz will surprise you at every turn, with its many interesting shops, tea rooms and intricate fountain on the Schillerplatz. Indulge in the best of Germany as you glide away on Main River with Avalon Waterways.

Irrawaddy River

The mighty Irrawaddy, coursing 1300 miles through Myanmar, is the background for a world less seen. Wander through Bagan at sunrise, as rays caress the 2,300 temples dotting the landscape. Join village life when presenting alms to monks near the Kya Hnyat monasteries, and meet artisans deftly creating silk and pure silver objects of beauty. Retreat to your home away from home aboard Avalon Waterways’ ship and live it up while gazing at riverside life of fishermen hauling catches and school kids frolicking. Spell binding scenery never presses the pause button in breath taking Myanmar on an Irrawaddy River Cruise.

Ganges River

For millennia, the Ganges has been the cultural and spiritual lifeblood of India. Uncover all the history, colour and life of this mystical river aboard an Avalon Waterways cruise along the Ganges. Explore the spiritual city of Varanasi, where you’ll experience the Ganga Aarti, the daily ritual that’s performed in the evenings. Here, locals will light candles and offer flowers, which are floated down the river. Meet saree weavers, goldsmiths, and pottery makers along the river banks, and be inspired by their beautiful, colourful works of art. When you need time to rest and rejuvenate, retreat to your on-board oasis where you can take the space to breathe. Experience India, with all the comforts of Avalon’s laidback approach to luxury, aboard our Ganges River Cruises.

Amazon River

For those looking to discover hidden worlds and be surprised at every turn, enjoy a unique vantage point of the Amazon River with Avalon Waterways. Spanning across multiple countries including Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Brazil, the Amazon River is the life source for South America. Surrounded by the breath-taking beauty of the Amazon Rainforest, an Avalon Waterways River Cruise down the Amazon is a burst of activity and colour. Experience the majesty of Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, where you’ll discover a variety of birdlife, monkeys, herons and millions of butterflies. See the grandeur that is the Amazon Basin, spanning over 11 kilometres in breadth at its widest part. Experience all that nature has to offer, with all the on-board luxury Avalon Waterways on our Amazon River Cruises.

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From Europe to the Galapagos and Asia, cruise in relaxed luxury with Avalon Waterways with choices as unique as you. 

Glide away down the world’s most spectacular rivers, enjoying a unique vantage point from your own private oasis. Our floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows blur the line between where the world ends and your suite begins, allowing you to experience the world less seen from the comfort of your bed. This is experiential river cruising.

Rooms with a View
The window of opportunity to see and experience the world just got a whole lot wider. Beyond the widest views on the water is an open invitation to experience your destination in more ways, in exceptional ways, in your way.
Relaxed Luxury
Delight in the difference and comfort. Leaving the rules behind, but not the luxury. Our job is to bring you the world. Your job is to love it your way.
Unpack Once
An extraordinary place to call your own. A space to get into it, or away from it - to be with friends or retreat to where you can invite the view (but no one else) in.
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Great food feeds your soul, fuels your passion, and shapes your memories. Taste decadent local delicacies, fresh regional wine and produce - Unrivalled foodie moments.